Emergency Financial Assistance

Make a difference in the lives of those who served!

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None of us are bazillionaires. Any one of us at any given moment can fall on hard times. The high price of housing, food, fuel, medical care and basic necessities have put many members of our community in financial distress. Many of our clients are disabled, unable to work and are on fixed, limited incomes. And then…an unexpected emergency hits.

Newby-ginnings has a Veterans Relief Fund. This dedicated account provides emergency financial assistance to our enrolled Veterans in financial crisis. Our goal is to relieve financial distress while helping our clients maintain their dignity and self-respect during their time of need.

All of our Veterans provide proof of military service in the form of a government issued form of ID and a Driver's License upon enrollment into our program. Once Veteran status has been verified, our new client has access to all of our services, including our Veterans Relief Fund. 100% of our Veterans Relief Fund is used solely for emergency financial assistance. All assistance is reviewed, documented and reported. Last year, 2023, Newby-ginnings had the privilege of being able to assist 40 Veterans in crisis with emergency financial assistance as well as resources and referrals to other organizations. We were able to do all of this with the help of our community and donations to our Veterans Relief Fund. Thank you!