Thank you for helping us buy our new box truck! image

Thank you for helping us buy our new box truck!

$5,620 raised

$12,500 goal

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We’re sure you’ve seen Cedric and the Newby-ginnings box truck making its way around the Inland Northwest making deliveries to Veterans and picking up donations. He does this pretty much every day of the week. Then one day in August, Cedric was on the freeway heading out to do his regular pickups and deliveries when the accelerator went to the floor and he lost all power. He was able to coast off of the freeway and ended up in the parking lot of Calligan Transportation Services. Good news! These are awesome guys that have connections to our Newby-ginnings family. Bad news...the engine is toast and we need a new truck.

One phone call later, Neil from Auto Credit Sales let us borrow one of their box trucks until we came up with a plan. Well, our plan is to purchase this awesome truck!

So thank you for your support. Being able to pick up donations and deliver essential household items to our Veteran families at no cost is a service that we are very proud to offer. And we are able to do it because of people like you. Thank you!